If you require any information regarding the calendar, write to us.
If you can not open your account, or you notice that something is not working, contact us.
If you have registered, ordered calendars, not getting along is to ask them, please contact us.
If you are unable to login, or any other problem that you have with calendar, contact us.

IMPORTANT: If you want to define the language of your calendar with your current site, between the apostrophes in the code where you call calendar calendars (ID ''), put en, fr, it, ge, other languages or two characters.
IMPORTANT: If you want the calendar to be defined width, only code of the calendar put in a DIV element of the desired size. For example: <div style = "width: 600px;"> CALENDAR CODE </div>
Possible problems with integration:
When you insert script code into the code of your site, it is possible that the calendar is not displayed on the page of your site, because some javascript files on your site, can not suppress display calendar, but we are here to help you to enable display a calendar on your site.
Also, the CSS files of your site, it can take a little deformed some parts of the calendar, but it's not terrible, because we are here to help you eliminate these influences :)
Contact me at the email if you need help with installation: info@bookingcalendars.net