Online Booking Calendar for website only for 9$ per year (The first year is free)

Installation Calendar for websites created to Weebly, Wix, Webs, or Wordpress / Joomla platform

To work calendar on your site, you need to call in your file the following only JS files, in this way:

An example of code that needs to be copied to your web site where you want the calendar to be visible:

This code above copying from the admin panel. Each calendar has a similar code, the only difference in the calendar ID

You just open account to our services for booking online calendars: Booking Calendars Online, create a calendar, copy and paste the code into your html editor.

Booking Online BOX Calendar example

The NEW version added: 07.01.2015.

Booking Calendar script allows

  • Each User can create
  •   - simple integration if you not have hosting
      - copy calendar code in your html site code
      - more Calendars
      - new sub Users
      - various Forms for booking
      - various Templates
      - background for days
      - different number of months displayed
      - text color
      - choice -> Half/ful days reservation
      - choice -> Pending/Accepted days reservation
      - choice languge for each calendar
      - choice disable / enable button reservation
      - choice languge for calendar
      - responding to reservations
      - view all reservations
      - Autorespond email message for ACCEPTED or NOT ACCEPTED reservation
  • Settings
  •   - settings Timezone
      - settings script language
      - settings date format
      - disable / enable users reservation
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